Screens can perform several tasks in production, from the primary separation of large particles to the dewatering of fine material.

The Metso EF Series multi-inclined screens (Ellipti-Flo) are high-performance banana screens that use elliptical motion with varying angles of inclination to prevent screen blinding when handling complex ores.



  • Two shafts with self-synchronization upon elliptical motion
  • High performance banana screen
  • Cheek plates assembled entirely through bolted joints
  • V-series vibrators
  • Oil or grease
  • Available with two tiers of screens


  • Elliptical motion prevents screen blinding
  • Self-synchronizing elliptical motion without using gears or synchronous belts
  • The optimization of screen performance is achieved using an electronic synchronization device, which provides the ability to adjust the angle and speed during operation