Sharing expertise with young professionals

Businesses uses different ways and technologies to stand out among others in students’ minds. For this purpose, Sever Minerals’ specialists share experience and talk about the career possibilities with the youngers. Our experts clear out that the students study important, responsible, and promising professions which give a strong possibility to exploit the potential. 

Company’s representatives evaluated the students’ project in case-championship Engineering CUP. 10 teams from Saint Petersburg Mining University, Gubkin National University of Oil and Gas (Moscow), Almetyevsk State Oil Institute presented their projects under the theme “Drilling rig market for the mining level growth”. All the projects were aimed to develop the professionalism in engineering and mining. Sever Minerals’ Project Development Institute Account Manager was the one to make the performance evaluation. And after the presentation he admitted that the students completed the work successfully. Thanks to such events youngers get the necessary experience and knowledge to use in their career.

Sever Minerals' experts board the exam at Graduate School of Management of Saint-Petersburg State University every year. This time Company’s Marketing Analyst evaluated students’ theses. She highlighted the out the usefulness of the projects and gave hope that they could be used in students’ future work as an example of a successful consulting project. New solutions from students are relevant for both students and Sever Minerals.

On a regular basis Sever Minerals’ experts give professional lectures to students from specialized Universities in Russia and Kazakhstan. They elucidate the completed projects in details and the best world practices in usage of digital technologies. Our Head of Engineering took part in such a lecture. He commended how proactive students were. They asked questions not only about the Sever Minerals’ internships and Smart contest but also about the 3D- and BIM-technologies usage. Using the Sever Minerals’ AR-app participants could learn the graphical models with their own eyes based on company’s projects and find out more about digital technologies used in our field.

It’s quite important to have more events like this to share experience and professional information which is important for both students and Sever Minerals.