Pumps, cyclones, control valves

Sever Minerals offers a comprehensive service from selecting and delivering to service of slurry pumps. High efficiency, low power consumption, long wear life and easy maintenance are the main benefits of Metso pumps.

Horizontal slurry pumps
MD pump series has been designed specially for heavy duty applications, mill discharge, and is rubber or and metal lined, intended for the most challenging conditions yet ensuring stable performance, maximum wear resistance and efficiency.

VASA HD is a conventional pump series. Orion heavy duty series (HМ, HR) includes rubber lined and metal lined pumps. Light duty series (ММ) includes hard metal lined pumps. VASA HD and Orion pumps have variable impeller and shaft seal designs. Modular design and sliding frame ensure easy access for inspection and maintenance.

Slurry pumps
High performance slurry pumps have been specifically designed for media with high content of large sized solids. Equipment design ensure that large sized solids pass through keeping high efficiency. The pumps are supplied with abrasion resistant and high strength wear parts.

Vertical sump pumps
Vertical sump pumps are used to pump drains and in a number of other operations. Available with various impeller and agitator designs. Reliable console design prevents contact of bearings and shaft seals with medium. VS and Orion pump series have interchangeable flow channels which results in unification.

Vertical tank pumps
VT pump design does not include pump shaft seals which makes maintenance and installation easy and ensures performance to transport abrasive slurries. Flexibility of equipment allows to use it fixed, mobile and semi-mobile industrial units to address a wide range of production tasks.

Vertical froth pumps
VF pump has been developed to improve efficiency of froth pumping. Operation of the pump is similar to hydrocyclone separators. The solution ensures that equipment operates more efficiently and smoother without pulsing from air pockets.

Control valves
Sever Minerals offers a wide range of shutoff and control valves for processing, chemical, and metallurgy industries. Our clients have access to all necessary types of control valves – knife valves and hose valves, ceramic and segmented valves and rotary dampers.

We work directly with valve manufacturers and can offer an optimum solution for any task to maximize your profits.

Multotec hydrocyclones and classifiers
Multotec Group is a South African company incorporated over thirty years ago with German participation in authorized capital. Company’s main activity is supplies of products and services for mining, processing and power industries.

Multotec process equipment includes:

  1. Hydrocyclones
  2. Gravity concentration
  3. Magnetic separators
  4. Samplers
  5. Wear parts


  • High performance sorting cyclones
  • МАХ cyclones for heavy media
  • Iron cyclones for heavy media
  • Pulp distributors
  • Cyclone distributors

Gravity concentration

  • SX7/MX7 Multi-stage spiral coal concentrators
  • SX4 spiral coal concentrators
  • SC spiral mineral concentrators
  • НХ5 high performance spiral mineral concentrators
  • Gravity feed slurry distributors
  • Tube chute systems for discharge