Mill liners

Mill liners are an important part of milling having a considerable effect on performance. That’s why so much attention needs to be paid to liners supplier.

No matter how hard the task is and what exact type of mill liner is needed, Sever Minerals is always ready to select the best solution. We offer our clients our expertise based on many years of experience and products by Metso, the world’s leading supplier of mill liners.

Thanks to close cooperation with our clients we not only supply but provide consultations and search for solutions to optimize performance and maximize profits.

Our goal is to select the best solution to improve safety, increase milling performance and profitability of production.

Metso is the world’s leading mill liners supplier. And Sever Minerals professional experience allows to select the most suitable solution for your company which will eliminate unnecessary costs to replace wear protection systems and associated production outages and improve performance. Various liner types may be combined in the same mill to achieve best performance.

Rubber mill liners
Metso has developed wear resistant rubber compounds to address specific operation conditions in all types of mills. Each compound is based on experience in thousands of real-world applications.

Main benefits:

  • Tailor made
  • Lightweight which makes them safe and easy to handle
  • No pulp leakage or peening
  • Easy installation and replacement
  • Reduced noise – rubber compounds damp vibrations and absorb noise

We can make 2D and 3D milling and liner performance simulations to evaluate the selected liners and configuration

Our approach to lining design is based on experience, milling grinding performance and improved mill availability

Poly-Met mill liners
Poly-Met are the most desirable on market because they combine properties of rubber and steel. This combination allows the use of more resistant alloys of iron and steel that can be used in a conventional metallic liner, as rubber substantially dampens the impact forces.

Main benefits:

  • Alloys and profiles are selected individually according to application
  • Lightweight which makes them safe and easy to handle
  • No pulp leakage or peening
  • Durable
  • Easy installation and replacement
  • Designed for installation using modern liner handlers
  • Reduced noise – rubber compounds damp vibrations and absorb noise
  • Improved availability
  • The design is based on optimized performance obtained from high fidelity process simulation (3 D)
  • The advanced total costs comparison (TCC) software calculates total operation costs of a mill including lost profits from mill outages

Steel mill liners
Metso metallic mill liners are produced at own foundries. The six metallic liner groups 180 to 600 HP are carefully selected based on operating conditions of each mill. Liners are designed for maximum performance and minimizes replacement times

Main benefits:

  • Metso’s long experience in making alloys and metallic liners for any mills
  • Fast installation, only scheduled maintenance outages and long service intervals because of wear resistance, high quality and optimized attachment systems
  • Tailor made design using High Fidelity Simulation for optimum performance

Orebed mill liners
Orebed liner system consists of a series of powerful permanent magnets embedded within a matrix of highly abrasion resistant rubber. Magnetic force attracts ferromagnetic material in the mill load, forming a continuous, self-renewing wear layer with a wave profile, which minimizes wear on the liner itself.

Main benefits:

  • Rapid installation and no maintenance, since no bolts are needed, and the attractive forces keep the liner in place with constant performance for years
  • Thin liner makes the grinding process more efficient and can increase throughput as a result of greater mill working diameter

As grinding mills are made increasingly larger, the cost of lost production due to downtime is becoming more important. To minimize downtime liners weights and sizes increase, and there are fewer installation parts. Megaliner parts are much larger against conventional metallic liners, and they are still light weighted to be installed with 7- and 8-axial liner handlers.

Main benefits:

  • Increased mill availability due to quick liner replacement. Minimized number of liners and attachment points makes the installation and change-out quicker (compared to conventional liners)
  • The unique attachment system makes liner installation and removal easier. The liner handler operator can remove old liner and install the new one without guidance from other workers
  • The attachment system increases safety of liner removal and replacement. Liner bolts are inserted and removed from the outside of the mill, so there is no need for an installation crew to be in the falling danger zone during removal and inserting bolts

Project support
We offer our clients a package solution from technical audit, liner design and material selection to supporting the entire project and further technical assistance.

Our offer includes:
Technical audit
We study the grinding process of your factory, collect technical data to develop a solution which will improve grinding process efficiency.
2D and 3D process simulation.
We can make milling and liner performance simulations to evaluate the selected liners and configuration

Supervised installation
Sever Minerals engineers provide engineering support of the mill liners installation process.

Technical inspections
After mill liner installation, our professionals often visit the field and carefully study its condition. Following such inspections, a client gets an extensive report which includes forecasted running life of the installed liner and suggestions to upgrade the next set of liners.
You can be sure that Sever Minerals will select the best solution which fits your production.