Conveyor systems

Conveyor systems are crucial in mining, at construction materials productions and industrial operations, underpinning efficiency and, ultimately, profitability of a factory. Just like the circulatory systems in our bodies, they move resources from one point to another.

With the rapid throughput of systems both upstream and downstream that depend on conveyors, it’s important to choose the right solution. If conveyor fails, the whole system fails making business vulnerable to the heavy cost and inconvenience of down-time. Reliability is therefore the top criterion for industrial conveyor solutions.

The offered conveyor solutions consist of accessories, belts, and other components Metso is a world leader in design and manufacturing in all of these products. Full value from accessories, belts and components is reached by analyzing and innovating to extend wear life.

When you choose Metso equipment, you’re choosing maximum efficiency and minimum risk – a wise move for any company.

Belt cleaning system
Material sticking to conveyor belt causes a whole series of problems. It represents a safety and environmental hazard, adds to your clean-up expenses, and generally prevents your conveyor belt from performing at its best. Metso offers a broad range of belt blade cleaners designed to prevent carryback and thereby alleviate these problems. Each of Metso cleaners is designed with high quality. We help clients choose products that fit their budget and performance needs best.

Main benefits:

  • Available in various types and sizes according to operating conditions and transported volumes
  • Stable operation and long life
  • Highly efficient
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Belt guiding systems
With all the punishment a typical conveyor belt takes – from the elements and continual loading impacts – it is normal for some misalignment to occur. But this problem can easily be prevented.

Trellex belt guiding systems offer smart solutions for keeping your belts moving, extending their wear life, protecting the conveyor frame and increasing safety at your site.

Main benefits:

  • Stable operation in the most demanding conditions, keeping the belt aligned and protecting conveyor against damage
  • Highly efficient

Loading system
Loading system protects conveyors against impact damage. It consists of a cradle and impact bars placed at the transfer or loading point, often between two conveyors. The system protects your valuable equipment from impact damage when material is being transferred. Without such a system, constant wear and tear would crush the belt, break the rollers, crack the frame, and significantly increase your costs.

Main benefits:

  • One of the most advanced and dependable designs available on the market today.
  • Removable frame makes installation and maintenance easy and cuts change out time from 3 hours to 30 minutes. It saves costs and reduces injury risks
  • The absence of moving parts effectively eliminates the most common problem of conventional idlers, i.e. seized rollers. The consequent increase in reliability reduces your costs and raises your productivity

Sealing systems
Metso’s sealing systems seal the area where the chute meets the conveyor, prevent dust or material spillage. There are several obvious advantages to using a Sealing System: It prevents waste of product, and protects your equipment from damage. And most importantly of all, it prevents dust escaping into the atmosphere thereby protecting the health of your operators.

Main benefits:

  • The systems are made using a specially developed material, which is softer than that of the conveyor belt. This prevents grooves forming in the belt over an extended period of operation.
  • Highly efficient

Pulley Lagging Systems
Pulley Lagging Systems ensure that pulley and conveyor belt remain in contact at all times. This increases friction and prevent the belt from slipping which may damage the belt especially at high rotation speeds. In the worst case, belt slipping may lead to overheating and even start a fire. A pulley lagging system therefore makes an important contribution to the safety of your conveyor.

Main benefits:

  • Increased friction
  • Prevent belt slipping
  • Good wear resistance
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Safety systems
Due to the constant proximity of large machinery with moving mechanical parts, safety is a key concern on any site. All Metso products are therefore designed for safe use, to protect your operators, the environment and your business.

Main benefits:

  • Safety systems range was developed to serve a very specific purpose, that is, to provide hand and finger protection at the crucial ‘pinch points’ where the belt meets the pulley, and so keep injuries down to a minimum.
  • The products also prevent material becoming trapped in the gap between the belt and pulley, thus preventing costly equipment damage and unnecessary downtime.

Conveyor belts
The belt is at the heart of your operations and the key to its profitability. Metso offers a comprehensive range of conveyor belts and a choice of cover grades. They are engineered from the best-quality materials available and designed for high performance, cost-effectiveness and safety.

Main benefits:

  • Conveying solutions can be designed and delivered for almost any application and in any configuration.
  • High structural strength and pull-out strength ensure good resistance against fatigue.
  • Highly efficient and durable

Project support
We offer our clients a package solution from technical audit, conveyor selection to supporting the entire project.

Our offer includes:
Technical audit
A crew of technicians will inspect your factory, collect technical data to develop a solution to increase process performance and reduce operation costs.

Supervised installation
Sever Minerals engineers provide engineering support of conveyor installation.

You can be sure that Sever Minerals will select the best solution which fits your production.