Sever Minerals offers package services for development, implementation and service of multi-level automated process control systems with frequency converters and soft starters.

The package includes:

  • Development of detailed design drawings for automation and power supply, development of engineering documentation for ACS assemblies including control and signal acquisition cabinets, motor control cabinets and actuators, power supply cabinets, control panels, automated workplaces, etc.,
  • Development of software for controllers, control panels, SCADA and archive servers,
  • Assembly, shop testing and delivery,
  • Supervised installation, commissioning, and handover of APCSs for operation.

We develop and implement local (unit-based) systems and package control systems including, but not limited to:

  • Pump and pump station control systems
  • Feeders, conveyors control systems
  • Dosing and loose product, reagent dosing systems
  • Pump/hydrocyclone control systems,
  • Settler control systems
  • Crusher control systems
  • Crusher and classifier, ore processing control systems.